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Computer Vision – A Part of the Future

In the terms of computer, “vision” refer to the ability of the systems which makes them able to identify items, places, objects and even people from visual images, those collected via some sort of camera or sensor. It is this technology that enables the smartphone’s camera to recognize whether the part of the image it is capturing is a face or something else and powers the technologies such as Google Image Search. As the world moves through 2020, it is going to see computer vision equipped tools and technologies rolled out for an ever increasing number of uses and applications. It is fundamental to the way autonomous cars will ‘see’ and navigate their ways around the danger. Production lines might employ computer vision cameras in order to watch for products full of errors or equipment failures, and security cameras will be able to alert the users about anything out of the ordinary, without even requiring 24/7 monitoring.

            Computer vision has a lot of potential and applications in the near future. With the increase in Artificial Intelligence technologies and Machine Leaning combined, Computer vision can be improved day after day. With each day passing, the system can learn new things and monitor and adjust itself accordingly. It is like meeting new people and seeing new objects, like a person. The moment we meet someone or see some new object or place, we remember it, so the next time we see them, we recognize them immediately. Same goes for the computer vison. The more the system sees new stuff, the more it remembers and recognizes them accordingly whenever required. This technology is also used in Facebook, where the system automatically identifies the people in the picture and asks the user whether they want to tag them in the picture or not.

Computer vision is also having the ability of face recognition, which the world will hear a lot about in 2020. The world have already seen how useful the technology is in controlling accesses to the smartphones in the case of Apple’s Face ID as well as how Dubai airport uses it to provide a smoother customer journey. However, as the use cases continue to grow in 2020, the world will also have more debates about limiting the use of this technology because of its potential to encode privacy and enable a superior like state control. Computer vision can be extremely useful if it is used within certain limits and can be extremely beneficial in a lot of sectors including criminal identification, missing cases, parking, and many more. This particular technology is surely one of the biggest addition to the future trends and technologies having numerous and variety of applications in several fields.