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In this modern era, consumers highly depend on the search engines for almost anything. Be it interesting places nearby, general knowledge, study material, games, movies, sports, or anything, with the availability of the Internet throughout every corner of the country, people tend to use the search engines regarding any information on topic attracting their attention. People often do not search for any particular website on the Internet, they search for the topics that these websites are related to. These topics are called “Keywords”. There are many websites hosted on the Internet that provide common services. Consumers usually search for these services (keywords), and select the website according to the results shown (in most cases, the websites that are shown first in the results). Therefore, no matter what the website offer, the consumers are likely to search for similar products or services on search engines like Google.

What is SEO?

Search engines like Google include many factors into consideration for ranking the pages and the results. These include the elements on each page, along with how other sites refer their content and link to them. To attract the consumers towards a particular website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is required. So what is this SEO? It is the approach that is taken so that it improves the website’s ranking in the results shown by the search engine. This involves determining the keywords and phrases used by the users while looking for products or services related to those offered by the website, and then later on, working towards ranking better according to those searches. Optimizing a website requires a direct, well-planned approach and regular maintenance as it is an ongoing and complex process.

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Why SEO is necessary?

Well, SEO offers numerous advantages for the websites.

1)   Increase in traffic:

A well-executed Search Engine Optimization results in the better ranking of the website (mostly top 3 search results). Users tend to choose only the top-ranked websites and in most cases, do not even bother to go to the next page of the search results as they get what they wanted from the first page only. Hence SEO increases the possibility of users selecting the website and in turn, increase the traffic on the website.

2)   Helps in building brands:

Building a brand is accomplished by considering both the services provided by the website and what users say about it. Through SEO, one can track the most searched keywords by the users and develop the products and provide services according to the user’s interests. Moreover, via SEO one can also track reviews regarding the services and figure out possible areas that require improvement. Due to this, the website’s online presence reflects the ideal branding and helps them establish it with its target audience.

3)   No need to pay for using the ad space:

SEO does not require the website to pay for using the ad space in the search results. There’s always an option to run ads on the search result pages. The ads are shown first in the results and then the usual content according to the site ranking. These ads are mostly “Pay Per Click” based, which means the advertisers should pay for every click their website gets from that spot. These advertisers should pay in order to be at the ad space. And the moment the advertisers stop their ad campaigns, the ads stop showing up and the usual sites, ranked according to the search engine, acquire these spots as per the algorithm. Even though the ad was removed, the user might still be looking for that content. Hence, as a result, the user is forced to choose from the usual sites that are showing up at the ad space after the previous ad was removed. Hence, SEO increases the traffic for that site from the ad space (in case no ads are shown) without making the site pay for being in that spot.   

4)   Building Trust and Credibility:

SEO makes the brand well recognized. The ultimate aim is that, users should find the website at the top of the results, when they search for relevant keywords and phrases, Then, psychologically, users believe that this website is the best.

5)   Stay ahead of the Competitors:

SEO keeps the website among the top results of the search engine. Hence a well-optimized SEO strategy can result in the website being at the top 3 results. This not only provide a top spot for the website but also keeps the website ahead of the possible competitors who may have not used SEO properly.

6)   Ease of keeping track and measuring:

SEO enables the developers of the websites to virtually analyze every aspect of the results. Hence they can easily track and measure what is working and what is not using tools like Google Analytics to monitor the website’s traffic, referral sources, conversions, and any other metric that matters for the betterment of the website.

7)   Improve user experience:

The search engines’ goal is to provide the best possible results for the users. As a result, their algorithms focus on making sure that the users are being directed to websites that provide relevant content, along with a great user experience. Hence getting SEO done for one website will probably make it more user-friendly and as a result, will attract more users.

8)   Impact on the buying cycle:

Consumers/Customers often do their research. This is one of the biggest benefits of the internet from a buyer perspective. Using SEO tactics to relay the website’s messaging for awesome deals, ground-breaking products and services, and the significance and dependability of what the website offers to the customers will be a game-changer. Websites must be visible in places where users need them. SEO enhances this visibility and lets customers find their solutions.

9)   Cheaper:

SEO is relatively cheap, and the payoff is determined with respect to the website’s success. This is a true business investment, unlike marketing costs. A good SEO implementation will keep the site at the top for years to come.

10)  Long term strategy:

SEO delivers results fast. If planned and done properly, SEO can last long. With correct SEO analysis, websites can be on the top page of search results for years, without even spending a single penny in the future. Even after the work is stopped, the website may still be at the top according to the keywords.

Therefore, getting SEO done for the website can be very effective and will surely give better results with respect to the traffic, activity, visibility, growth, and success of the website in today’s competitive world.

Softnika consists of multiple highly experienced SEO experts that are trained and experienced in top-class SEO services resulting your website into the top results of any search engine, that too at a very reasonable and affordable price.